Work with Pytag
These jobs are available to you: Commercial Freelancer
Commercial freelancer
The company Pytag invites people to cooperate with the experience of trading any goods for the position of "Commercial Freelancer".
This is a distant work in a free schedule with a decent wage, where you can work with the leaders of your market and receive a commission for the increase in turnover.
The main duty is to negotiate a price with customers.
1. Customer search
2. Conclusion of transactions
We also provide you with:
1. Free training
2. Base of contacts of potential clients
3. A price calculator so that you can work independently and without borders around the world, at a time convenient for you.
Money bag
1. 0.25% commission of the total transaction amount.
2. 50% of the amount of savings.
3. Payment of commission on the fact of the transaction.
1. Experience trading in any goods from the 1st year.
2. Permanent Internet access.
3. Availability of mobile phone.