Multiply the number of transactions using paid services
The following services are available to you: Accommodation in the TOP and Cashback
Learn how paid services work
Accommodation in the TOP
Always be in the top offers
Regardless of competitiveness, your offer will always be in the Top Results.

TOP is the placement of the offer for a specific product in a special block at the top of the list, above the usual offers.

TOP allows you to be placed in the top positions within 7 and 30 calendar days from the moment you activate the service.

In the TOP-list are all offers that are advertised using this service. They are displayed in turn in random order, so don’t worry: even if you don’t see your offer in TOP, other users see it at this moment.

All TOP offers are also available in the usual list of offers, so you can be sure that your offer will always find a buyer or supplier.
47 USD
13.9 USD/ 30 days
offer for one product.
17 USD
4.9 USD/ 7 days
offer for one product.
Add and advertise a new offer
Advertise an existing offer
Cashback - is attracting customers through the bonus program.
If you want to multiply the number of transactions and you do not have enough time and staff to look for new customers, then Cashback is the service you need!

This is the best way to speed up the transaction - since you’ll look for customers with over 100 commercial freelancers who will find you the right seller or buyer, with the help of Pytag, they will agree on your price, agree on all the conditions and bring you a ready-made customer.

Cashback allows you to work for you freelance merchants and receive three times more offers within 30 calendar days from the date of service activation.
You do not have to pay a fixed salary, you pay 0.25% of the transaction amount, only after a positive conclusion.

Also, if a merchant freelancer bargains at a price that is better for you, then you pay him 50% of the difference in the amount that he exposes - this is beneficial to you and significantly motivates the merchant freelancer.

Transaction and conversion costs are borne by the recipient.
110 USD
32.9 USD/ 30 days
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