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Your advantages

  • No middlemen

    Work directly gives a benefit of 2-33%.

  • High speed of sales

    Don't waste time on 10s of calls to clarify the requirements and agree on individual conditions, Pytag automatically calculates the best offers for your volume.

  • Security

    Pytag identifies all users by phone number. Also, now Pytag is in the process of transition to blockchain technology, which will make security as guaranteed as possible according to the latest existing technologies.


Details about Pytag

Pytag is a platform for wholesale trade in all conditions of Incoterms, which finds and compares thousands of offers across the market, taking into account the current price for shipping by sea, rail and road. Pytag individually calculates the most profitable offers, daily monitors and sets the current tariff for transportation, and also shows the current exchange rate.

The best prices among the thousands of offers from exporters and processors.